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We'll send you your delivery time each week in our This Week's Harvest email.
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If you choose to customize your order, log in to your account to see this week's add ons and adjust quantities to make the mix that's right for you ... right up until your normal order cutoff time.


Order Deadline

Any vacation holds, changes, or additons to your order can be made until the order cutoff. We’ll email you each week to remind you of your cutoff time!



This Week’s Harvest

After your order cutoff, we'll email you to let you know what's in your harvest as well as when you can expect delivery.


Delivery Day! - 

We'll shoot you a text when your harvest is about 10 minutes away and another when it's delivered!


Payment Process
The Tuesday after your delivery is made, we will process your payment with the Credit Card we have on file for your account.


 Unsatisfied with your veggies one week? Let us know at We won’t stop until we make you overjoyed with our service ... it’s what keeps us going.
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